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Business consulting is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.
This trend is a result of many changes occurring in the world economy
During the past two decades, the business community has been downsizing which has caused displacement of many workers. These displaced workers have created a growing industry now known as "consulting."

Consulting in the practical sense can be anything. It is a common buzzword in the business world. Many people call themselves a consultant, when in reality they may be a broker, a salesperson, a retailer or engaged in a business which is a hybrid.

Consultants commonly use a "rolodex" system and strategic alliances in order to fulfill their contracts. 
A "rolodex" system is a collection of companies and/or other individuals with different expertise that a person can refer to in order to obtain various services needed by their company. 

A strategic alliance is an affiliation with other companies whose expertise varies from their own. This is done with the intent of providing full service to a client. Each affiliate works as a member of a team to fulfill the requirements of a contract. (Thus, these alliances can provide one stop shopping for a client and act as a virtual company.)

Audit Lebanon provides highly professional solutions for developing  businesses .